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Graben betting typ 16-6

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A graben is a valley with a distinct escarpment on each side caused by the displacement of a block of land downward. Graben often occur side-by-side with horsts. Horst and graben structures indicate tensional forces and crustal stretching. Graben are produced from parallel normal faults , where the displacement of the hanging wall is downward, while that of the footwall is upward. The faults typically dip toward the center of the graben from both sides. Horsts are parallel blocks that remain between graben; the bounding faults of a horst typically dip away from the center line of the horst.

Single or multiple graben can produce a rift valley. In many rifts , the graben are asymmetric, with a major fault along only one of the boundaries, and these are known as half-graben. The polarity throw direction of the main bounding faults typically alternates along the length of the rift.

The asymmetry of a half-graben strongly affects syntectonic deposition. Comparatively little sediment enters the half-graben across the main bounding fault because of footwall uplift on the drainage systems. The exception is at any major offset in the bounding fault, where a relay ramp may provide an important sediment input point.

Most of the sediment will enter the half-graben down the unfaulted hanging wall side e. Lake Baikal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Depressed block of planetary crust bordered by parallel faults.


The problems are complex and may be solved with success only by the joint efforts of experts from the Balkan countries. Another tectonic synthesis is very popular in Bulgaria. It has been developed in the course of several decades on different conceptual grounds l3 o H Y e B , , , , , ; B o n E e v , , ab, The evolution of the Balkans and Bulgaria is understood as a process of continuous from the Paleozoic onwards collision between two lithospheric plates - the Moesian and the Thracian, the latter constantly overriding the first.

The "conflicting space" between the two plates, initiated as a spreading zone towards the end of the Proterozoic, gave birth to the Balkanides - a Phanerozoic fold system tracing the northern branch of the Alpo-Himalayan orogen on the Balkan Peninsula. The present work is a preliminary attempt. The Alpides are understood as a compound tectonic edifice formed by four successively superimposed collisional orogens: Late Triassic Early Cimme- rian , Early Cretaceous Austrian , -Late Cretaceous and Tertiary.

I Gcn.. This platform extended to the south in the area of present- day S t r a n a a , Sakar and probably the East Rhodopes. No data on the position of the Central and West Rhodopes, 'and for the Bulgarian part of the Serbomacedonian massif are available for that time.

Here we accept the hypothesis that these areas were low dry land in the shelf of the continent, later thrusted to the north, deformed, metamorphosed and partially covered by nappes. According to another, equally possible explanation, they could be considered as parts of a microcontinent welded to the European margin.

Possible sediments of the continental slope and rise are exposed in the area of Bulgarian Strandia, in allochthonous position over Triassic and Lower-Middle Jurassic sediments. They are known as Strandia type Triassic C h a t a 1o v , ; 9 a T a n o B , and comprise diverse carbonate and terrigenous rocks with sporadic bodies of basic and acid volcanics of possible island-arc origin, all affected by very low-grade or greenschist metamorphism.

Towards the end of the Triassic the Late Triassic orogen gradually formed on the continental margin. The following zones may be reconstucted from the present- day relics of the orogen, exposed in few places under a cover of younger rocks Fig. This is the zone with the deepest Pre-Jurassic erosion. Towards the end of the Jurassic the first disruption of the continental margin occurred and a narrow and long marginal basin formed Fig. Its southern borderland was probably above the sea parts of the Cimmerides and contoured the margin of the continent as an amagmatic island arc.

A Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous carbonate platform bordered the trough to the north. Relics of the Late Triassic orogen I - foreland part of the Europe nt ,.. As a result, a series of north and northeast vergent nappes formed in the peripheral zones of the continent, parts of the crystalline basement of the amagmatic arc the Rhodopes, Sakar , were sheared and metamorphosed, the NiS-Troyan trough closed.

The global causes for these events are still not well studied. Sengor et al. The reconstruction of the Early Cretaceous orogen indicates the following zones Fig. Relic3 or me c a n y Lretaceous orogen I - foreland part of the European continen vloesian platform ; 2- ;en continental margin and its sedimentation environments: 2 - carbonate platform a and pelagic carbonates b ; 3 - NiS-Troyan flysch trough; 4 - probable dry land; 5 - zone without Austrian deformations; 6 - zone of anticlinorium and synclinorium structure with generalized attitude of bedding SA - Svoge anticlinorium; CBA - Central Balkan -.

Abbreviations of towns as in Fig. In the area of KraiSte, the allochthonous Pre-Cambrian and Paleozoic rocks of the Balkan Moravicum 3a r o p s e B , are thrusted over the autochthonous Strumicum made up of the crystalline basement and the Triassic-Jurassic cover of the continental margin.

Zagoreev related the origin of these nappes to subduction of the Vardar ocean. As a result, the rocks of the Balkan Moravicum which formed the basement of the continental slope, were uplifted and thrusted to the northeast over the sedimentary cover of the slope and over the flysch of the NiS-Troyan trough. The age of the main thrusting is Austrian but the first movements were Late Cimmerian, before the Middle Tithonian 3 a r o p s e B , The latter contain bodies and lava flows of metamorphosed diabases, basalts and andesitobasalts of supposed island-arc origin.

All rocks are metamorphosed in epizonal to mesozonal conditions. The autochthon comprises diaphtorized rocks of the Pre-Rhodopian supergroup. In StrandPa, the epizonal metamorphic rocks of Strand2a-type Triassic are thrusted over autochthonous units of Paleozoic granites, Triassic and Lower-Middle Jurassic rocks of Sub-Balkanide facies, likewise affected by weak epizonal metamorphism.

Austrian age is supposed also for the nappes in the area of Sakar and Dervent T o s e B , The proposed paleotectonic scheme of the Early Cretaceous orogen in Bulgaria is in general similar to the model of GoEev The new data, however, show that the Southern Strandfides of this author approximately equivalent to the zone of allozonal nappes in our terminology are probably not a uniform isopic zone but fragments of different sedimentary zones of different rock composition and age range, and may be of different deformational history.

To the south follow Fig. The belt of epizonal intrusive bodies along the southern periphery of the trough Marica and Strandia intrusive zones, D a b o v s k i , may be marks of the roots of volcanic edifices. In West Bulgaria the trough shows well expressed peripheral, avolcanic zones with rhythmic sedimentation.

Part of its southern borderlands West Bulgaria was probably dry land and other Central Rhodopes - a zone of shallow-water sedimentation with low dry lands if we. They may be relics of another, deeply eroded Late Cretaceous volcanic arc. Basaltoid andesites and gabbrodiorites in association with Utper Cretaceous volcanogenic-sedimentary rocks, similar to those in the Srednogorie, have been found also in the east Rhodopes 6 o n H o B , P y c e s a , The origin of the Srednogorie zone is still not well understood.

Three main groups of hypothese have been proposed: a volcanic island arc in combination with back-arc rifting B o c c a l e t t i et al. Towards the end of the Late Cretaceous new collisions between Eurasia and fragments of Africa probably occurred, for instance with the Pelagonian block of Apula R o b e r t s o n , D i x o n , ; D e r c o u r t et al.

As a result the nappes in the Eastern Rhodopes were activated. The southern border of the marginal Srednogorie basin was thrusted over the volcanogenic-sedimentary complexes and the basin was closed. The Sredna Gora anticlinorium and the Viskyar- VitoSa synclinorium are also a result of these events.

From the end of the Middle Eocene to the Miocene a series of collisions of different intensity, scale and timing occurred in the Eastern Mediterranean R o b e r t s o n , D i x o n , ; D e r c o u r t et al. Theseprocessesand their effects are still not well understood. On the Balkans, the collision between the European margin the Rhodopes and the Pelagonian fragment of Africa is indicated by the large south vergent nappes and the underlying blue schists and Middle Eocene sediments exposed in Olympos window P a p a n i k o 1a u , During the Lutetian Fig.

Boneev b. The following zones are distinguished in the orogen from north to south Fig. Illyrian structures in Stara Planina are: the Svoge ailochthon, the Berkovica and BelogradCik anticlinoria, the north vergent Stara Dlanina and Sipka nappes, understood here as retrocharriages. The main thrusts are to the south, over the Pelagonian platform. In this sense the Tertiary orogen in 3ulgaria may be compared to collisional orogens of Alpine type as defined by 3ewey et al.

The resemblance is marked also by low-velocity layers in the deeper parts of the Rhodopes B o n b B o B c K u it et ai. These layers may indicate deep-seated charriages in the sense of neirse , roses and R. Ivanov During the Late Eocene and the Early and Middle Oligocene, in conditions of progressing collision, general processes of differential uplift and subsidence occurred Fig.

Stara Planina elevated as a monolithic mountain chain while south of it the collisional collapse structures in the sense of D e w e y st al. Eocene to the Middlegigocene and in places continued also during the Late Oligocene and the Early Miocene. The sedimentation was accompanied by diachronous gravity thrusts. Faults of diverse orientation formed and fossilized repeatedly.

In the period of the Late Oligocene, fresh-water basins with supposed local acid- intermediate volcanism developed in the zone of Struma fault. In the earlier literature this magmatic activity, characterized for the first time by P. The magma conduits trace an arc which repeats the outlines of the collisional front.

The Late Eocene-Oligocene collisional magmatics do not extend south and southwest of the Vardar suture. The post-collisional, neotectonic Fig. They affect mainly the uplifting Stara Planina linear morphostructure and the area south of it. The first process began with the peneplanation of the orogen. The initial peneplain orthoplain , today intensively delevelled and deformed, formed probably during the Early-Middle Miocene, in parts parallel to the sedimentation in the Thracian depression.

The third process is block differentiation of the orogen as a result of intensive vertical movements of an amplitude of W km and more, with deposition Middle Miocene-Early Pliocene of more than 1 km thick fresh- water sediments in the grabens. The combination of this process with arcogenesis lead to rift subsidence in the limbs and the apical parts of the swells 3 a r o p s e B , ; r o Y e a , This is the time when the main lineaments and the present- da hostructu I Bulgariia forme Fig.

L,,,,nral margin of r ,. They are a thick crustal, layered edifice of a long and complex development, expressed in the superposition of four collisional orogens one over the other. This specific process has been recently described also as "vertical growth" of the orogens r o 9 e B , Each of the four orogens shows its own style and zoning. In the relics of the earlier orogens Late Triassic, Early Cretaceous, Late Cretaceous the main vergency of fold and nappe structures was northward, from the margin to the internal parts of the continent.

The intensity of deformation increased in opposite direction. The better preserved Tertiary collisional orogen shows a bivergent - pattern - south vergent chamages outwards the Rhodopes, Vardar zone , north vergent retrocharriages inwards Stara Planina. Another characteristic element of this orogen are late- and post-collisional collapse structures grabens and the dividing horst blocks which shape the present-day morphostructural units in Bulgaria.

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PDF | The Gediz (Alaşehir) Graben is located in the highly tectonically The average spacing between rivers along Mechanically, this type of linkage event leads to increased rate of fault Terra Nova, 16(6), pp (Fasselgraben Formation). Due to the low number of poorly Dividing between different types of subgrain-fabrics (more or less than 3 subgrains, 3,9 - 16,6 76,​0 - 84,3. 0,3 - 7,3 A closer comparison might clarify some differences bet-. Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection, Bet Dagan, Israel. (Q. Argaman). have not been able to study the type of sudaorum TSUNEKI, but it seems to be within Canton de Vaud; Entlebuch Graben Mätteli Canton Luzern m; Geneve Cologny Sierre;. Wallis Poland: 1 9, 16 6 (CASC).