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Welcome back hockey fans. Friday brings us a five-game slate and I take a look at some of my favorite plays for DraftKings and FanDuel in my daily picks video. Let's get started.

Rebelbetting reviews bitcoins or bitcoins mining

Rebelbetting reviews

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The easiest way to think of this is as a tipster service. However, simplifying it to this degree is doing RebelBetting a disservice. This is different from arbitrage betting which is used in the sure betting software.

You are not covering every outcome, rather swinging the probability back in your favour. You might have heard us talking about expected value before. There is a difference between the true odds of something happening and the house odds — which is what bookmakers offer. Bookmakers will always try to offer you lower odds than the actual probability of something happening. An example RebelBetting use is a coin toss. This means over time the amount you win will be even to the amount you lose.

Not good for profit. The true odds for this event would be represented as 2. If a bookmaker were to offer you odds of 2. This is a simplified version of value bets. With sport, it is hard to know the true odds for something as it is so unpredictable. What we do know is that the bookies try to keep the odds on their side. We will have a look at what value betting has to offer before discussing whether it is worth the high fee. This version of RebelBetting not only available as a software download but also on a web browser.

This allows you to access it on your mobile as well as Mac computers. The user interface of the mobile version is different but if you become familiar with the software version you should have no trouble acclimatising. The appearance of Value Betting is very similar to Sure Betting. This is the main screen that loads up when RebelBetting is opened.

The green list represents the value bets the software has found. The percentage that runs down the left-hand side of the green list is the return on investment. The highlighted bet, in dark green, is listed at 1. The higher the value the more money you stand to make if the bet wins. The amount you stake is completely down to you. The Value Betting software does have features that will suggest and automatically calculate stake for you.

Along the top of the screen, you will see a box where you can input your bankroll. It is important that you keep this up to date. There are two customisable factors when setting a stake size. Max Stake is the maximum percentage of your bankroll you are happy to use for one bet. This calculates the optimal stake for maximum growth of your bankroll, proportional to the perceived value of the bet.

Using the Kelly criterion alone will lead to greater variance in results. You stand to win more but also stand to lose more. It is important to remember that value betting is not a guaranteed win. You are essentially still gambling. Both of the staking options can be accessed through the options tab at the top, then selecting user. We recommend that you keep the default settings as you get to grips with the software. This is not a get rich quick scheme but a system that requires a high number of bets to be profitable in the long run.

We will talk more about the profitability of RebelBetting towards the end of this review. Next to the suggested stake size, you have start time. It is better to place a value bet closer to the start time, this leaves less chance that the odds will change. For example, if a team star player gets injured it will reduce the chance of that team winning and therefore us winning the bet.

After this, you have the event you will be betting on and the outcome. The outcome is written in shorthand but is explained in full once you click on the bet. The final column is the number of bets that need to be placed, plus the bookmaker and the odds. There is a long list of bookmakers that RebelBetting will scan for value bets. You will need to sign-up for a few bookmakers to get started. The good thing is you can edit which bookmakers you view value bets from.

Go to options and then select bookmakers. Here you can select the bookies which you have signed up to and have already deposited money with. If you choose the bookmaker setup tab in the options menu you can set up a useful feature. When you find a value bet you like the look of it will log-in to the bookmaker with one click. With the high-frequency of bets, you are going to be placing this is a real time-saver. By clicking on a value bet from the list it will update the bet details panel that runs along the left-hand side of the screen.

Within this panel, there is a section that displays any warnings associated with the bet. The warning could be one of the following. Most of these apply more to arbitrage betting but the ones you should be aware of is sharp bookmakers.

In value betting, you have sharp and soft bookmakers. Sharp bookmakers are quicker to change their odds and try to keep them closer to the true probability of something happening. It can be harder to bet on value odds at sharp bookmakers because of this. As a beginner, you might want to avoid them as there is often less value to be had.

The negative of using soft bookmakers constantly is they tend to limit your account quicker. There is a lot of information on RebelBetting about this which is worth checking out before you place your first bet. This panel will provide more in-depth information about the bet you are interested in.

RebellBetting will then open the bet in a new tab. It will even try to open the webpage of the betting company within the software! All it takes is two clicks. This is the best thing about Rebelbetting, it not only finds the value bets but makes it incredibly quick to place them. It can be found in the bottom-right once the new tab opens up. By clicking this RebelBetting will keep a record of all the bets you have placed in their BetTracker.

It will also update with the result and any profit earned. It is available to view anytime by clicking the BetTracker button from the home screen in RebelBetting. This is accessed from the Options tab. You can create pop-ups as well as sound alerts which will run in the background with the software minimised. As you fire up the software you are hit with a getting started pop-up. This provides an introductory video and getting started guide with pictures. This is available to refer back to at any time by clicking the help button at the top of the page.

We would recommend checking out the support tab on the RebelBetting website. Here you can find an array of materials to help you understand not just the software but value betting in general. These include tips for beginners and a manual for both the software and web versions.

They have a chat on their website where they will respond to your queries by email. Instead, it relies on you placing a very high volume of bets and over time the profit will start to increase. This is a graph of the average results from the users of the software. Note how the profit blue line sometimes dips below the expected value green line.

To benefit from probabilty you need to have a large sample size. These results are based on over bets placed which they claim will allow you to triple your initial bankroll. It will take longer with a smaller bankroll.

There is some risk involved so if you have a small bankroll make sure you only use a small percentage of it to start with. Once again RebleBetting has produced a great piece of software. One issue we did find was the availability of value bets.

Between viewing the bet and navigating to the bookmakes the odds had changed for the worse. This is not necessarily the fault of the software more value betting in general. The software does inform you of the duration the value bet has been live but you are competing with bookmakers sophisticated software.

Due to this and a few other points made in the article, we do prefer matched betting and arbitrage betting over value betting. However, if you have your mind set on value betting then RebelBetting have you covered. Their software will not let you down and is stacked with useful features. It takes advantage of bookmaker offers, backing and laying bets in order to extract as much of the free bet offer as possible. It represents one of the easiest ways to make money from sports betting and you can get started with a small bankroll.

This represents great value when you compare it to other matched betting software but also other sports betting software in general. It basically contains the same features as the arbitrage software. This can be confusing for a matched bettor as you might be expecting to see offers rather than purely arbitrage odds. This is the percentage of the bonus you can expect to earn. Following on from this you have an indication of the type of bet you will be placing.

Normally this would be a lay bet but because RebelBetting makes use of arbitrage odds there may be chances to bet between two different bookmakers. Usually, for matched betting, you are expected to take less than the full amount of the free bet. An increase in profit is always nice if it applies.

The final two columns are the individual bets you will be placing. There will always be a minimum of two bets as you should be covering every outcome. If you press the bonuses button, highlighted by the present icon, it will take you to a page on the RebelBetting website.

Here it displays some bonus offers that bookmakers are running, varying from sign-up offers to free bets. However, by RebelBettings own admission, it is not updated regularly. Quite a few of the offers have either changed, expired or are more suited to European betting websites, rather than the UK. Hopefully, RebelBetting is in the process of updating and adding features like this but at the time of writing, there is still work to be done. Once you have located an offer it is time to start placing your bets.

To show the features of RebelBetting we will be using this sign-up offer from Bet as an example. Bet credits are basically free bets — meaning they have placed some stipulations on how you can use them. After that, any winnings are yours to be withdrawn.

Here we have selected Bet as the required bookmaker and chosen deposit as the type of bonus we are using. Along the top of the software, you can see the option to change the required bookmaker as well as the minimum odds. This is a useful feature. If the bets need to be placed over certain odds, e. Click on a bet from the list you like the look of and the bet details will appear in the panel that runs along the left-hand side.

You can alter the stake you want to place and the software will automatically calculate the new totals. No need to get a calculator out every time you want to make a bet. If it all looks good then you can press the green play button at the top left of the screen. Rebelbetting will try to open both websites within the software. Under the options tab, you can even enter your bookmaker login details which will allow the software to log in automatically.

This only leaves you to make the necessary clicks to place the bet. The panel on the left of the software shows us exactly how much to stake. Both of these features are consistent through the RebelBetting products and as always is a great time saver.

While it tells you a return percentage and updated totals there is no single section to display what you should be taking after placing both bets. When these bets have been settled we repeat the same process but change the selection in the options menu to free bet stake not returned.

We can also put the minimum odds to 1. Thanks to Rebelbetting, whatever happens in the event we are betting on we are guaranteed to take home profit. Although, there are some limitations to RebelBettings matched betting service which we will discuss in our final results. Through the help tab on the top right of the software, you can find a matched betting guide. This is a decent introduction to how to use the software for matched betting.

It takes you through the steps you need to take in order to place your first bets. They do link to other guides but these are based around the arbitrage software rather than the matched betting version. Particularly for beginners who might not have used other products from RebelBetting. Normally we would include a section about how much money can be made from a product. Results will differ from person to person but the best thing is it represents one of the best ways to make money from bookmakers with as little risk as possible.

What we have found is that RebelBetting has provided an excellent oddsmatcher. As I mentioned earlier, finding value bets is only half the battle. A number of value betting software find value bets for you and then don't help you any further. In reality, you will potentially be placing tens of bets each day, and keeping track of them will become quite a time consuming job. If you try to keep track of them in a spreadsheet, you will spend more time recording the details of each bet than you do placing the bet!

Alternatively, you could decide to not track your bets, but then you have no real measure of whether you are making money or not. Here are the main pros and cons of the RebelBetting software, relative to their main competitors.

As you can see, the positives of the RebelBetting value betting software far outweigh the negatives! They have worked hard to develop a polished piece of software and it shows in the finished product. It is therefore compatible with virtually all devices and web browsers. Unlike their other software, there are no issues with Mac compatibility. Upon opening the software, it is immediately clear that it has been designed and optimised for mobile devices.

Despite this, it is still entirely usable and looks good on a desktop or laptop screen. I think that optimising for mobile devices makes a lot of sense, as value betting is a lot simpler to execute than arbitrage betting. Arbitrage betting requires you to place a series of bets in rapid succession, locking in odds before they change.

Value betting, on the other hand, requires only a single bet be executed at once. If the odds change suddenly, you can simply pursue another value bet without fear of being exposed to losses. Unlike arbitrage betting, screen real estate is less important with value betting, so you could definitely do it while on public transport or on your lunch break! Clicking on an individual bet brings up more options and a recommended stake, based on your preset staking plan and your preferred rounding for that bookmaker.

You can adjust the stake manually if you like, then click on the bet button to bring up the bookmaker website and place the bet. Once finished, you can click the log button to log it in the built in Bet Tracker. The RebelBetting software had around bets on offer at any point during my testing, using the default filters with around 12 bookmakers activated.

By default, RebelBetting only shows value bets on matches that are due to start within 12 hours. This is wise as the betting odds usually become more accurate as a match start approaches. This setting can be changed but be aware that the estimated value percentages have a high degree of uncertainty the greater the time until the start of the match.

Of course if you find yourself running out of value bets, feel free to experiment with increasing this from 12 hours to 16 hours or similar. I recommend that you keep it below 24 hours if possible. RebelBetting supports the following bookmakers as part of their value betting software.

This is a decent number of bookies and should be enough to satisfy most users. The RebelBetting value betting software allows filtering of the displayed value bets based on the following:. RebelBetting also allows you to set and save multiple filter groups, which you can easily switch back and forth between while scanning for value bets.

The software will automatically record all of the necessary details of your bet when you place it, then automatically update the outcome at the conclusion of the match. This saves you a ton of time, as you no longer have to check your bet history in each of your individual bookmaker accounts and manually record details to a spreadsheet.

You can also access detailed statistics on the performance of all of your bets since the beginning of your value betting journey. It is easy to see how your true yield compares to your long term expected value, your return on investment ROI since starting and much more. The reports section provides graphs of your profit over time, as well as breakdowns of your betting activity based on various bookmakers, sports and betting markets.

The RebelBetting Bet Tracker works very well and saves you from spending a lot of time updating spreadsheets and checking on the outcomes of your bets. Anything that can save you time on these tasks will allow you to spend more time placing bets and therefore making money in the long run! In addition to the detailed statistics in the Bet Tracker, RebelBetting provide a series of reports based on the performance of your bets.

Bets are broken down by bookmaker, betting market and sport, to help you identify if there are any areas where you are having particular success or failure. As a member of RebelBetting, you also get access to their community of value bettors, who are always keen to help out beginners or discuss advanced value betting strategies. The RebelBetting team is active in this community and will help you out if you get stuck on anything.

Likewise, if you have any new ideas you want to discuss, other members of the community will be happy to give you some feedback. RebelBetting offer two subscription types for their value bet finder. If you are just getting started with value betting, the starter package will be enough for you. Once you find that your soft bookmaker accounts are starting to get limited, consider moving onto the Pro package.

This will allow you to keep value betting without fear of being limited, as these companies don't limit winning punters. However, I have some good news! RebelBetting is currently offering a 2 for 1 promotion on their Starter package for readers of The Arb Academy! From now on, you can buy 2 months but only pay for 1! For the Pro package, you can get 2 bonus weeks when you get a 1 month subscription. Find out how to access this discount.

RebelBetting have put together an excellent piece of value betting software. It supports large number of bookmakers and sports, allows you to set and save a detailed staking plan, plus has full bet tracking functionality. It offers everything you could possibly want in a value betting service at a fraction of the price that some of its competitors are charging. Even better, there is currently a 2 for 1 promotion being run by RebelBetting.

Get 2 months of a RebelBetting subscription for the price of 1! Find out more about the discount via the button below. I hope you have enjoyed this RebelBetting value betting review!

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